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SMM Panel

Are you ready to take your SMM business to the next level? Look no further! Our cutting-edge, multi-functional user panel is designed to streamline your services, making it easier than ever for your customers to place orders seamlessly.

Why Choose Our Script?

  • One-Stop Solution: Our script provides a comprehensive solution, from user-friendly panels to efficient order management and elite admin features.
  • User-Friendly Panel: Enjoy a mobile-friendly, accessible panel that caters to all user needs without any programming skills required.
  • Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive and affordable pricing, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Constant Updating: Stay ahead of the curve with constant updates and improvements to keep your business at its peak performance.
  • Trusted Service: Join a community of satisfied clients who have experienced the reliability and efficiency of our script.

🌐 Features Overview:

User Panel:

  • Bulk Orders: Save time by receiving and managing bulk orders effortlessly.
  • User API: Integrate other panels' APIs seamlessly to expand your service offerings.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Access the panel easily from your mobile device.
  • Order History: Keep track of all orders in one convenient location.
  • Deposit History: View deposit records directly from user accounts.
  • Time Zone Setup: Customize time zones according to user preferences.
  • User Notifications: Keep users informed with important updates.
  • Ticket System: Provide support through a user-friendly ticket system.


  • Various Types: Sell a variety of services within a single, organized panel.
  • Service Categories: Allow users to organize their service categories as needed.
  • Refill: Enable manual refills for user convenience.
  • Import from Providers: Easily import services from providers.
  • Sync with Providers: Effortlessly sync with service providers.
  • Deny Duplicates: Receive error notifications for duplicate orders.
  • Accept Payments: Support 10+ payment methods with currency conversion options.
  • Min & Max Payment Amount: Allow users to set payment thresholds.
  • Export Payments: Export payment data in various formats for convenience.

Order Processing:

  • Unlimited Providers: Connect as many providers as needed.
  • Provider Balance Check: Check all provider balances in one place.
  • Auto & Manual Modes: Choose between automated order processing and manual management.
  • Export Orders: Export order data in multiple formats.
  • Resend Orders: Convenient option to resend orders if needed.
  • Cancel & Refund: Manage orders by canceling and issuing refunds.
  • Partial Quantity: Set partial quantities for specific orders.
  • Start Count: Define the initial quantity to start counting from.
  • Status Change: Manually change order statuses as required.
  • Edit Links: Easily edit links within specific orders.

Admin API:

  • Refill Management: Effortlessly manage refill orders.
  • Drip-Feed Management: Change status, cancel, or refund drip-feeds individually or in bulk.
  • Subscription Management: Check and modify order details for subscriptions.

User Management:

  • Create User Accounts: Automatically add registered users or create accounts manually.
  • Custom Rates: Set custom rates for individual users.
  • Bulk Custom Rates Reset: Simultaneously reset custom rates for multiple users.
  • Copy Rates: Copy rates between users quickly.
  • Amount Spent: Monitor user spending.
  • Allowed Payment Methods: Set allowed payment methods for each user.
  • Suspend Users: Suspend user accounts easily.
  • Export Users: Export user data in various formats.

Visual Editor:

  • Public, Internal & Custom Pages: Create and edit different types of pages with ease.
  • Hide Pages: Maintain control by hiding specific pages.
  • Block Types: Choose from various block types.
  • Block Settings: Customize block structures and heights.
  • Duplicate Blocks: Duplicate blocks with a single click.
  • Block Background: Personalize block backgrounds with colors, images, and patterns.
  • Block Styles & Elements: Tailor each block to your panel's aesthetics.
  • Divider: Add dividers and color gradients for visual appeal.
  • Text Blocks & Editor: Utilize ready-made text blocks and edit content in real-time.
  • Fonts & Random Content: Choose fonts and enjoy a variety of content options.
  • Forms, Buttons & Navs: Enhance navigation with forms, buttons, and a navigation bar.
  • Navbar Logo: Create and customize your brand logo.
  • Features, How It Works & Reviews: Showcase your panel's best features, explain the ordering process, and display customer reviews.
  • FAQ, Footer & Video Blocks: Address frequently asked questions, create a footer, and embed videos seamlessly.
  • Links, Components & Styles: Add various types of links, customize components, and edit styles effortlessly.
  • Custom Themes & Theme Styles: Personalize themes and switch between styles with ease.
  • Reset Styles & Sortable: Quickly reset style settings and rearrange blocks as needed.
  • Positioning, Adaptability & Icon Library: Choose block positions, ensure adaptability, and access a vast icon library.


  • Metadata, URL & Sitemap: Optimize your panel with meta tags, reader-friendly URLs, and auto-generated sitemaps.
  • Robots.txt & Google Analytics: Control website indexing, manage tracking, and integrate Google Analytics.

Blog & Reports:

  • Titles, Meta Descriptions & Image Text: Create SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, and add alt text to images.
  • H1, H2, H3 Tags & Robots.txt: Mark pages with tags and generate robots.txt files automatically.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Include the Google Analytics Tracking Code on your panel.
  • Blog & Reports: Share updates, announcements, and insights through blog posts, payment, order, ticket, and profit reports.
  • Admin Options & Night Mode: Receive admin notifications, track activities, and enable night mode for optimal visibility.

Extra Modules & Integrations:

  • Affiliate System & Child Panel Selling: Grow your customer base with an affiliate program and offer inexpensive panels with your services only.
  • Free Balance & Ticket Assignment: Provide a one-time free balance for new users and streamline ticket assignment for efficient support.
  • Hosting & Domain: Use your own domain or acquire one with our assistance.
  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Integrations: Enhance analytics and management with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and various integrations.

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